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The Spiritual Direction Training Program is available to women and men who are discerning a call to spiritual direction ministry and who wish to explore that call, engage in personal spiritual growth, and enhance the knowledge and skills needed for this ministry.

In addition, this program is for persons who:

  • Have some theological background

  • Appreciate learning with others from different faith traditions and diverse backgrounds

  • Have experienced and are willing to engage in continuing personal spiritual direction

  • Are seeking a deeper spiritual connection in their lives

  • Are well grounded in faith and are willing to articulate that faith

  • Have an interest in and willingness to do readings between sessions, some personal reflection writing, and engage in a cohort of fellow seekers


The intent of the Spiritual Direction Training Program is:

  • To enrich the spiritual life and theological awareness of the participants

  • To offer resources, experience, and support which can prepare participants to practice the art of spiritual direction sensitively and skillfully



  • To enhance participants’ ability to companion another on their faith journey

  • To gain an understanding of the values of St. Francis and St. Clare, whose love and respect for all beings and the Earth are grounded in Gospel values which are rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and are universal in scope.


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful fulfillment of the requirements
of the two-year program.


Our Spiritual Direction Training program is based in the Franciscan tradition which exults in the abundance and goodness of God and creation. The dignity and importance of each human person is the basis of the sacred listening involved in Franciscan Spiritual Direction. The program begins with the on-going conversion of each person, developing a sense of their own call and gifts, and understanding the importance of story, in themselves and in others. From the beginning we will be developing listening skills and inclusive language, coming to deeper clarity about one’s own image of the Divine. We will study the insights of St. Francis, St. Clare, Bonaventure, and Scotus, along with mystics of several different faith traditions. Active participation and practice will be a large part of the training. Students will be expected to read, journal, make presentations, and most of all, learn the art of spiritual direction. Foundational ethics, boundaries, and experience of supervision and consultation will be studied and practiced.


Franciscan Identity:

  • Gospel Values – walking with the poor, the sick, the elderly, the magnificent inclusion of all in God’s plan, God’s family

  • Dignity of the human person

  • On-going conversion, movements from bitterness to sweetness

  • The Goodness of God – as found in all human experience

  • God’s generosity and self-giving

  • Returning God’s love

  • God’s Presence in each unique form of Creation

  • The ultimate humility-and freedom-of God

  • Discernment from a Franciscan Perspective

  • Relationship and interconnectivity of all things

  • The Mystery of Love



  • Introduction to the Franciscan charism, history and key figures

  • Personal theological formation and continuing spiritual growth

  • Spiritual listening skill development

  • Acquiring discernment skills and tools

  • Reading, research, presentations, and group discussion

  • Building community

  • Structured, safe opportunities for sharing and listening

  • Introductory exposure to direction in dyads and triads

  • Summer: continuing dyads and supervision



  • Practicum experience, both within the group and outside

  • Group Spiritual Direction

  • Supervision and Consultation

  • Continuing exploration of Franciscan theology and its relevance today



COSTS: $2,000 per year
Application Fee $35

Call for more information: 503-794-8542


* the Frate Sole image used with permission by artist Guistina de Toni


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