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At the Franciscan Spiritual Center we help Spiritual Directors grow in the heart and art

of Spiritual Direction.



Spiritual Direction supervision provides an excellent opportunity for each SD to be in the

presence of others who can help you “find the concealed door”  - not only the doorway to

gaining deeper skill as a SD, but also the doorways to deeper personal and spiritual growth.

All this, of course, with a mind in view of helping our directees.


•    We help you discover, celebrate and embody more deeply the gifts of who you are as a SD;

•    We help you uncover the parts of your practice that are encumbered by unfreedom;

•    We help you to hold confidence with humility;

•    We provide sacred and confidential space for you to explore and celebrate God’s 

      movement and your growth in the context of peers.


“A person who practices Spiritual Direction without Supervision

is like someone who sails in stormy seas without a life raft;

It is neither wise nor compassionate to your own soul

nor to the souls of those you companion.”

~Paula Gamble - Grant

Contemplative - and practical

Our approach is primarily “contemplative” - in other words, we take a long, loving gaze at one session for the sake of the directee. But in the process you will be able to:


•    Explore more deeply what is going on within you as you companion others;

•    Hone and grow more comfortable in your craft;

•    Begin to trust more deeply your inner wisdom and the movement of the Spirit;

•    Listen and respond to God’s invitations to your heart as you hold space for others to find the “concealed doors” of their own journey.

At the FSC, we offer both Peer and Individual Supervision. 


Peer Supervision:

Our Peer Supervision model gathers 4-6 people once/month on an academic calendar (Sept. - June.) Facilitated by a trained Supervisor provided by FSC, we open our time with some settling in and reflection space - each person sharing how they are and what they are noticing as they come into this gathering. Then selected directors will present their reflections on a session - with space given for each one to listen in to how we might best explore and/or celebrate what the director brings. Two of our gatherings during the year will be

a half-day contemplative retreat where we focus on listening more deeply to how we are growing as we continue on this journey of being a Spiritual Director.


Whether presenting or offering presence, most participants find great richness in this contemplative and cooperative learning environment.


Our rates for Peer Supervision are $40/session


The most important support for me, as a spiritual director, is the wisdom and prayers that come from my FSC peer supervision group and our experienced, compassionate facilitator. We grow and gain new insights from one another that seem to flow through each of us - sometimes it’s simply electric and filled with God’s unexpected grace. We all become more aware of God’s movement in our own lives and in the lives our directees. Our sessions feed my soul. I can't imagine continuing my spiritual direction practice without this gift!  

~Judi Paisley - with gratitude for ten years of FSC peer supervision !



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