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Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction (like the process of individual one-on-one spiritual direction) provides a type of regular companionship for the purpose of fostering an individual’s intimate relationship with God. Both the format and the facilitation of these groups seek to support people in paying attention to God’s presence. 

The ways we name God’s presence in our lives are diverse. The observations we bring to spiritual direction may show up in our prayer lives or in the longings we articulate but sometimes don’t initially observe as prayer. Our observations show up in response to sacred writings, poetry, and Scripture. They show up in our relationships with people. They show up in our experience of the natural beauty of creation. They show up in our failures and our limitations. They show up in all the wonders and challenges of the ordinary events of daily life. They evolve with our current stages of life. To explore these moments (and our responses and feelings connected to them), we can encounter the mystery of God’s loving call at a deeper level. Exploring these moments in the presence of others helps us pay attention and remember.    


The dynamic at work in Group Spiritual Direction (GSD) is slightly different than individual one-on-one direction. It is done in community. The focus on an individual’s relationship with God remains constant, but the group process allows for the building of intimate human connections too. Each group is facilitated by a trained spiritual director who maintains the parameters for sharing and confidentiality. The spiritual director also models and prompts the kind of listening, which supports the spiritual direction process. One objective of GSD is for members to learn to listen to one another on a deep level. 

Sometimes people choose Group Spiritual Direction as an entry point because it is more affordable. But Group Spiritual Direction offers other opportunities and advantages. In listening to others with gentleness and intention, we can become gentler and more attentive to ourselves as well. In offering this to another, we become better spiritual directors to ourselves.


Spiritual Direction Groups are not like other groups. This is by design. Group Spiritual Direction is NOT Bible study, therapy, discussion, social, or a place to seek or give advice. The groups are safe and confidential gatherings where we can practice and process our experiences of the Divine.   


We meet regularly (once a month on Zoom). We commit to four months at a time. Most groups do continue. Most groups will have five people but may, occasionally, drop to four participants.


Over the summer we are offering a number of single options to try out group spiritual direction with no ongoing commitment.   In the fall we will restart our series of groups who commit to meeting each month for four months at a time. 


Click REGISTER button below to see available times and days. 

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