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About Us


Our Franciscan ministry is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia who are often remembered in the Portland area as the “Palatine Hill Franciscans.” When the congregation closed the Franciscan Renewal Center on Palatine Hill in 2000, several of the sisters remained committed to finding another home in the area to minister to the spiritual needs of the people in the greater Portland area. 2013 brought the ministry to the current location which is a historic residence that was home for two orders of religious women for over 100 years.


MISSION STATEMENT:  Franciscan Spiritual Ministries is a ministry sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia.  We are rooted in Gospel values and in the prophetic spirit of Francis and Clare, we seek to provide environments, experiences, and resources which enable persons to meet God in both stillness and activity.  With hospitality, simplicity, and joy, we welcome all as brother and sister.

VISION STATEMENT:  In the Franciscan tradition, we will share/create a place of simple beauty and hospitality that will support and deepen the contemplative spirit.


We acknowledge that the Franciscan Spiritual Center on the Marylhurst campus is located on the ancestral homeland of the Kalapuya people who lived for countless generations in permanent winter villages and seasonal settlements along the banks of the Willamette, Umpqua and McKenzie Rivers.

Let us honor and thank their elders past and present for their stewardship of this land.  Let us be grateful to be on this land, and in our Franciscan tradition let us continue to praise our Creator and work to care for and cherish all of creation.


     This section of our website, while true and sincerely offered, is under revision. We want to know more about our neighbors. As Franciscans we want to consider the species of animals and plants that have lived on this land. How did the land nourish them and how did they nourish it? We want to know more about the Kalapuya people. How did this place nourish them and how did they steward it? We want to know more about this area's more recent history, too, including the two orders of hardy women religious who found here a home, a community, and an expression for their ministries.

     It is our prayer that if we start with an open heart, we may arrive at a better sense of who our neighbors are (across time and space) and what has made them precious. Our experience encourages us to undertake this work and, in doing so, we believe we will learn better what is ours to do in contributing to a re-imagining of community. 

     If you have ideas, resources, or a desire to contribute something to this work, we will welcome you.


As a Franciscan ministry, we welcome all as a sister or brother.  Specifically, we recognize and cherish the dignity of each person regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, ability or social class.

An ecumenical space to renew one's spirit, see with new eyes, learn, connect, find peace, quiet, and rest.

Our Staff

Christine Naylor
Sr. Celeste Clavel
Sr. Mary Jo Chaves
Eileen Parfrey
Mark Lesniewski
Tom Welch
Sr. Theresa Lamkin
Ann Steigerwald
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