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Room Rentals

The Franciscan Spiritual Center has several options of space to rent for your group needs.  We would love to help you find a space that works best for you.  What we can offer you is space, seating, and technology to help with your event.  What we cannot offer you is overnight accommodations and meals.  There are local eateries and stores nearby that would be able to help you with food and catering.  You are also welcome to bring in your own food and use the refrigerators and microwaves that are available in both spaces.

Here are the 4 spaces that we can offer you:


2 located at 3162 Furman Drive

Willow Room is our largest of the rooms at 1440 square feet.  This is perfect if your group needs a place to meet and a place to gather.  It will comfortably seat 40-50 people or 30 people seated at tables. If your retreat or group needs a labyrinth, we have one that fits in the space.  Available by request only.

Magnolia Room is the dining room space across from the Willow Room; it has 310 square feet.  This dining room has a table and chairs for 10-12 people.  It is also equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave.  There is also a large flat screen TV that can be used to project your technology.

2 located at 3159 Furman Drive

San Damiano is in our main building and is 575 square feet.  This space is ideal for smaller groups.  There are chairs that can be put in a circle or surrounding tables as well.  There is a retractable screen and projector available for use with your technology. This room will comfortably seat 20 people.

La Verna is also in our main building and is in the style of a traditional living room; it is 280 square feet.  It is good for small groups, but better for groups that need seating and not tables. It will comfortably seat 10-12. There is a smaller flat screen TV that can be used to project your technology.

Contact us for pricing & availability at or 503-794-8542.

Catering Options

Lake Oswego
Palisades Location
No Delivery
Lake Oswego
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