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Spiritual Direction fosters an individual’s personal, intimate relationship with God. It is companionship given to one person (the directee) by another person (the director) which enables the directee to pay more attention to God’s presence and activity in his or her life.

By appointment only and has sliding fee structure of $60-100 per hour.


Why is Spiritual Direction helpful?

Spiritual direction is helpful because it enables the directee to focus on and to articulate her or his experience of God in the myriad and mysterious ways in which God is present: – in prayer and in the sacred writings of various faith traditions – in people and human relationships – in the natural beauty of creation – in the wonders inherent in the ordinary events of daily life. In exploring these experiences and the feelings connected with them, the directee can again encounter the mystery of God and God’s loving call at even deeper levels.


Who offers Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a ministry offered by someone:

• who is committed to her or his own ongoing and developing relationship with God

• who is called to this ministry by others seeking spiritual guidance

• who has been trained in a variety of ways inclusive of spirituality, theology and psychology

• who is certified to accompany others in their search for the Holy One.


When is Spiritual Direction appropriate? Spiritual direction is appropriate for anyone with a personal commitment to prayer, but especially:

• when one desires to deepen an already existing relationship with God

• when one is experiencing a significant transition or loss

• when one’s prayer life seems stagnant or “stuck”

• when one is discerning critical life choices

• when one’s vague restlessness leads to a search for something more. In exploring these experiences and the feelings connected with them, the directee can again encounter the mystery of God and God’s loving call at even deeper levels.


Spiritual Directors

Sr. Mary Jo Chaves, OSF has been a spiritual director in the Portland area since 1996. She was trained at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Lafayette, CA in 1995 and has been a Franciscan Sister since 1963. She welcomes a diversity of directees in her practice: Christian and non-Christian; those who belong to mainline churches and those who do not; the young, middle-aged and young at heart; those from differing life styles — all are welcome in the spiritual companionship she provides for her directees. 


Eileen Parfrey:  After 16 years as a Presbyterian minister (9 of which also included practicing as a spiritual director), Eileen retired to focus on spiritual direction.  As a Reformed Christian, and through spiritual direction training at Namaste in Portland, she has an appreciation for the varieties of ways in which people define and express their search for God.  The saying is that we are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience, but rather that we are spiritual beings in search of a human experience. 

Sr. Theresa received her training as a spiritual director at the Franciscan Spiritual Center. She welcomes with radical hospitality people from all walks of life who want to deepen their relationship with the Divine. She promises to gently hold you and your sacred journey as a treasure! She delights in spontaneity and laughter, so that may be an added gift during your journey together. “I will prayerfully walk alongside each person as we listen to the Spirit’s whisper of this great love for us that is beyond our comprehension!”

Mark Lesniewski:  After some life changing mystical experiences in the early 1980's Mark Lesniewski entered a Catholic seminary. This was followed by Franciscan formation, chaplain and spiritual direction studies, marriage and family, learning meditation and other mindfulness practices, time in Native American, Quaker, and Episcopalian communities, and 30 years of service to people experiencing poverty, mental and physical illnesses, and incarceration. In 2013 Mark received a Master's Degree in Contemplative/Buddhist Psychotherapy from Naropa University. Mark assists people from all backgrounds in finding deeper Love, and Light within through all stages of spiritual development. He uses deep listening skills, meditation, loving-kindness, and other mindfulness practices, dreamwork, and a peaceful presence to help people discern the promptings of their own inner guides. 

Tom Welch: I approach spiritual direction as a process of accompanying another on his or her journey with and toward the Divine. I welcome all as equals, believing that we are all created in the image of God. I hope to reflect back that loving image in a spirit of openness, authenticity, and compassion. Informed by the Franciscan Tradition, I seek to make obvious the abundant joy and fountain fullness of God’s love. I possess a playful spirit and trust that my directees will treasure the gifts of laughter and fun. With deep listening and tender presence, I honor the sacred space that we share together in the presence of the Holy. 


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