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Some people, because of scheduling or just personal preference, seek to have us provide individual

Supervision. Though the focus of what is going on in the Director (vs. analyzing the problems of the

directee or how to do things better) is similar to the Peer gathering, there is more individualized attention.

Each FSC Supervisor will work with you to help you continue to honor the sacred exchange that holding

space for others brings.


Our rates for Individual SV are $60-$100 per session.

I've been doing individual supervision for my spiritual direction ministry for a number of years at the

Franciscan Spiritual Center.  This is a non-negotiable practice for me, and I always come away enriched

and inspired . . . and relieved that I have the wonderful support I need to do this sacred work. 

~ Eunice Schroeder, D. Min.


Our Supervisors


Sr. Mary Jo Chaves has been practicing SD in the Portland area since 1996 with hundreds of courageous souls. In 2008 she got her training in Supervision from the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. and has been offering individual and peer SV at the Franciscan Center since then. Sr. Mary Jo loves to offer the opportunity for SDs to gain a clearer vision of the privilege of tending the holy in others’ lives.

Mark Lesniewski is a SD at the FSC and finished his supervision training at Naropa University in 2013. He brings a special emphasis to attending to our SD practice through meditation, awareness of body, speech/energy, and perspectives in both the directee and director. Mark has served as a Supervisor in his individual practice, with Chaplains, as well as with the Urban Spirituality Center and now at FSC. He loves help directors learn to love what they’re doing and love who they’re doing it with!



We follow SDI’s ethical guidelines for Spiritual Directors. Below is an excerpt from their website regarding the importance of supervision.


“Spiritual directors are people with personal gifts and weaknesses who are affected by their own—and the seeker’s—feelings and experiences.


Spiritual directors need to be committed to ongoing education, self-care and spiritual care including attention and self-awareness to their interior experiences, their assumptions, and their freedom or lack of freedom in relationship to the spiritual seeker and God.


The spiritual director notices and explores interior movements, emotional reactions, thought patterns, embodied and verbal responses that occur before, during, or after a session with a seeker. Following this exploration, the spiritual director allows some contemplative time in silence to ponder the fruits and insights that arise from the reflective process. Unresolved or unacknowledged beliefs and feelings can get in the way of supporting seekers to explore their interior space. Regular reflection on the interior life of spiritual directors while they offer spiritual direction is part of the ethical contract (covenant) for spiritual companions. See SDI’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.


Supervision supports the spiritual director through continued care and growth in vocation, calling, and skills as a spiritual director. 


Supervision supports the growth and development of spiritual direction for all soul care providers.


from What is the Importance of Spiritual Direction Supervision?* from SDI website



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