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The Only Now is Now

If you’ve spent any time around the Franciscan Spiritual Center, you know that Sr. Mary Jo, Sr. Celeste, Sr. Emma and Sr. Theresa exude being present - being attentive, holding space, and welcoming all whom they encounter to feel alive in the here and now. I know that I’ve experienced this welcoming presence and invitation to be who I am for over a decade now - in Spiritual Direction, Peer Supervision, on Hermitage retreats and now as a part of the wonderful staff team at the Center. I’m always grateful for the invitation to be present to what is present to me - even if what is present to me is my scattered thoughts and swirling anxieties. Even there, if I am gentle towards myself, I always find truth - I find a path, I find God within.

I remember once during a spiritual direction session, Sr. Mary Jo asked me, “So what is is you want now in your life?”