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Walking the Labyrinth

Suggestions for Walking


There are many ways to walk a labyrinth.  You may be seeking relaxation, prayer, problem solving, or healing.  Here are some guidelines for the process that are frequently used.  Remember, it is your walk.


1. Prepare- Set your intention.  Reflect on your life right now.  Maintain silence for your own reflection and that of others.


2. Walk In– Set your own pace.  Stop if you choose.  Let go of burdens, ideas, the need to control.  Simply follow the path.  Remember, all things on your walk will instruct.


3. Center– When you reach the center, walk in and stay as long as you like.  This is a place for reflection and gratitude, a place to listen to the still small voice of God.


4. Walk Out– When you are ready, begin your journey back.  Be aware of your feelings, your energy and insights or images.

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