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Essence of Love

One of the three cornerstones of our mission here at the Franciscan Spiritual Center is “community.” Love is of the essence of any community. I found this poem by Joyce Rupp that expresses very well how love enables us to be brother and sister to one another.

Essence of Love

Evidence everywhere in my history,

I have been inspired, drawn, carried,

assured, enticed, comforted, nudged.

Now in this stage of our relationship

you move in the depths of my being,

blend in with the thoughts of my mind,

intermingle in my heart’s every beat.

Always you invite me to be true,

to approach life with quiet integrity.

Essence of love, Spirit, Encourager,

I can name you in limitless ways;

it makes no difference the title.

What counts is my trust in your closeness,

my response to your intrinsic request

to be peace-bringer and holder-of-dreams.

Holy Wisdom, Breath of the Soul,

you are my Pentecost, the winged one

who rests in the hollow of my being,

moving gracefully, faithfully, in the depths.

My Beloved Companion, Steadfast Guide,

Eternal Beckoner, Restorer of Life,

I am indebted forever to your presence.

I place my trust in you once again

as the breath of your love goes forth.

Taken from Prayer Seeds: A Gathering of Blessings, Reflections, and poems for Spiritual Growth ©2017 by Joyce Rupp. Used with permission of Ave Maria Press®, Inc. All rights reserved.

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