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'I Pray in Clay'
an Art Exhibit from Eileen Parfrey 

We have transformed our walls and halls into an art gallery for the next several weeks. Come by and visit a show featuring the work of Eileen Parfrey.


Eileen who is a spiritual director with the Franciscan Spiritual Center, a former pastor, and a talented artist works in clay and collage. She is someone whose spirituality informs her art and whose art helps her integrate and live out her spirituality. 


Eileen’s process generally starts by listening to a question that is arising within her. She gathers images that seem to speak to that question. She collages, which for her is a form of meditation. Often, she says she notices something that wants to become clay. Sometimes seemingly disparate images meld together. And often she finds herself working on one image over time in multiple sculptures.


The show is now up and will be available for several weeks, so feel free to come by any time during business hours to see her work.

Finding Us

Image used with permission by the artist, Jill Rosette,
a graduate of FSC's Spiritual Direction Training Program.


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