Walking with St. Francis and St. Clare
A Virtual Franciscan
Pilgrimage & Prayer Journey


Looking for community, some walking partners?


Attracted to St Francis and love creation?


Ready to be outside, to walk, to pray?


Then Join us for a virtual Franciscan pilgrimage –


  • No anxious, masked international travel to Italy in these uncertain times, but walking together outside and reflecting on the wisdom, prayers and stories of St. Francis and St. Clare

  • At the same time, join in financial support of the Franciscan Spiritual Center in their spiritual programs that bring peace, presence and community to a hungry world


You will be blessed by

  • Three weeks of guidance and resources for prayer, art, and reflection

  • Three guided walks in the beautiful green hills and paths in Portland

  • Three Zoom gatherings to form community and learn from/about St. Francis and St. Clare

  • Three spiritual guides from the Franciscan Spiritual Center (Sr. Mary Jo Chaves, Eileen Parfrey, Larry Peacock)


July 6-27, 2022

Four Wednesday afternoon zoom gatherings (4-5pm PDT), starting on July 6, providing weekly guides and resources to prayer, art, beauty, and Franciscan spiritual practices

Three Sunday afternoon walks (starting 2pm PDT):






Mount Tabor on July 10                       Powell Butte on July 17                        Tryon Creek on July 24

**If you are unable to join us because of geographical distance or mobility concerns, we have suggestions on how to accommodate this part of the pilgrimage.


Levels of Support

Pilgrim ~ $140 (Includes all the above and a San Damiano Franciscan cross)

Sojourner - $200 (Includes the above, plus a bottle of Limoncello or Chianti

and a box of homemade Italian Almond cookies)

Wayfinder - $300 or more (Includes all the above, and makes it possible for

others to find their way to the Franciscan Spiritual Center for spiritual direction

or programs. Your gift helps others! Thank you!!)


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