FSC Laudato Si Circle

“The Lord has shown me what was mine to do in this life;

may the Lord show you what is yours. . . “ St. Francis of Assisi

In 2015, two documents were released that challenged us to take action around the care for creation and care for the poor. Five years later, we are entering the critical year in the critical decade to fulfill our pledges if we are going to limit global warming to 1.5°C.


The Paris Agreement bound the world together in a unified pledge to reduce carbon emissions, limit global warming to 1.5°C, and mitigate the damage we could no longer prevent.


The movement for climate justice recognizes that both the causes and impacts of global warming are unequally distributed, with the burden borne the most by those who are the least responsible for human-caused climate change: those who experience the effects of poverty, racism and marginalization.


The same year, Pope Francis released Laudato Sí, a papal encyclical that calls for all people of good will to respond to the cries of the Earth and the cries of the poor. Pope Francis showed how these two calls for justice reinforce each other to build a world that is cleaner, more just and more equitable.


A Faith-Based Community of Contemplatives Taking Action for Justice

The FSC Laudato Sí Circle is a community of people taking action for justice – climate justice, racial justice, economic justice, gathering together to learn, grow and support each other in discerning how to respond to this call.


This is for You If:

  • You want to integrate the work that you do on sustainability, economic and racial injustice and/or climate change more strongly with your faith.

  • You are an activist, scientist, researcher, community organizer, social justice and/or environmental action minister or coordinator, and you’d like to gather with others who are also working to respond to the call of the earth and the call of the poor.

  • You feel urgency around Care for Creation but you’re not sure what to do and want to spend some time discerning what your role could be and how you are called to respond.


In this program, we will engage in contemplation by praying with Laudato Sí, with nature, and with scripture, poetry, art and music. We will reflect on our experiences. And we will engage in action, strengthening our commitment to the work that is ours to do to heal the Earth and bring justice to her children.

The FSC Laudato Sí Circle Membership includes:

  • Group commitment to support each other in fulfilling the Laudato Sí Pledge in 2021.

  • Commitments made at the February session.

  • Faith-in-Action Sharing Groups for support in fulfilling commitments.


  • Monthly program – 3rd Thursday of the month – virtually — 6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Year-long study of the papal encyclical Laudato Sí on Care for Creation.

  • Supplemental resources to read and review in advance.

  • Participant-led presentations on the month’s themes.

  • Action Worksheets to bring the concepts down to personal action.

  • Faith-in-Action Sharing Groups for discussing readings and actions.


  • Closing Retreat in January 2022

  • Day of prayer and reflection on climate, economic and racial justice.

  • Time for small groups to gather together and celebrate their year of action.

  • A Saturday in January (coordinated with other events)

  • In person at FSC or virtually depending on the needs of the group and current conditions.


The Outcome

In the end, you will build relationships with others who are taking action, examine the ways that

your work is informed by your faith and deepen your knowledge about common roots, sources and solutions.


Monthly Themes:

January: Introduction to Laudato Sí

February: Introduction, Commitment, Group Formation

March: Our Common Home

April: Ecological and Human Debt

May: The Gospel of Creation

June: Our Response to Creation

July: Human Roots of the Crisis

August: Integral Ecology: Two Manifestations of One Crisis

September: Global Lines of Approach and Action

October: Community Lines of Approach and Action

November: Ecological Spirituality

December: Personal Responsibility

January 2021: Closing Retreat – Living Laudato Sí


Fees: $120 – annual program – or 12 payments of $10/ month.

Includes all virtual program materials, monthly meetings and Closing Retreat.


We recommend that you obtain a copy of Laudato Sí by Pope Francis of your own.

Program Leader: Katherine Radeka


Katherine Radeka is the host of the Accelerate Net Zero podcast (https://acceleratenetzero.com) and a member of the FSC Advisory Board and a Companion of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia (feel free to change this last bit to the way you normally do it).  She believes that we are called in this decade to respond to the cries of the Earth and the cries of the poor and looks forward to journeying with you in this critical year of this critical decade.


We recommend that you obtain a copy of Laudato Sí by Pope Francis of your own.